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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Written by VKNIGHT


Releasing to the world outside of Japan in Summer of 2021 (Due to a certain pandemic), Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Or i'll be calling Tokyo Games from now on) is an Olympic themed minigame collection released for all major consoles. Recieving ire from Critics the world over, I decided to give it a spin to see what the hubub was really all about.


Story- Well it's an Olympic minigame collection. There really isn't a story. While there is an opening cutscene displaying Sega's knockoff Xbox Avatars enjoying all the different sports games this game holds in store, it doesn't hold any sort of cinematic masterpiece. The game is simple enough by itself that a story really isn't a requirement.


Gameplay - Oookay. What in the world did I just play? To give the game some credit, there are a few games which I consider to be quite enjoyable when I played with friends: Basketball, Boxing, and Rugby Sevens. They both seem to have a decent ammount of depth, and the controls work fine enough. The Track events are all poor to me, and just devolve in to rapid button mashing. Hurdles, while laughable watching me and my buds bumble around stomping over every obstacle placed in our path, seemed to require pinpoint accuracy to complete your jump. BMX felt sluggish to control, and I didn't feel I was entirely in control of my sleek bike. Dear God the Baseball was horrific. It lagged so terribley that I could barely swing correctly, something completely unnacceptable for a major company like SEGA. The Water Sports were interesting, but they got repetitive after several playthroughs. That was the key sticker that I felt permiated this collection. With the price that SEGA is charging of Forty Freedom Bucks (US Dollars for the uninitiated), I felt like even the ok minigames like Beach Volleyball and Soccer don't really justify the price tag.


I haven't even talked about the worst parts of the game though. Occasionally (And by Occasionally I mean every single match) you and the ai will get Random OP Bullcrap abilities that completely break the game. Playing great defense in the final seconds of a Rugby match? Too bad, the AI got a random speed boost to instantly score. Almost crossed the goal line in 100 meter dash? To bad, the AI got a random explosion of speed to win. While these all can be good fun with friends, they don't even make you feel accomplished when you get them. Through my take, I would have just prefered the minigames as vanilla as they originally were, to make it more competitive between your companions.


Graphics- A mixed bag, but they generally look rather nice. The UI is crisp and clean, with sgiwubg highlights when you hover over options. The character models look generally serviceable, but the first cutscene gives off a sense of Uncanny Valley. I do really like all the backgrounds in the game, as they all look fully fleshed out.


Sound Design- The Sound Design is pretty good. I like all the funky techno beats that play when you score or get a good result. The announcers all sound really well, with the filter making them sound somewhat like AI. Also, when in the game it simply plays the sound of the crowd letting you focus in on the minigames.


Longevity - To be completely honest, the game has great longevity. Tons of costumes to unlock, as well as a fun character creator. There's also online play, to take the challenge against other gamers all over the world.


The game may not be great (Especially for it's price), but there's some substance there for people who want a dumb fun game to play with some friends.


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... there's some substance there for people who want a dumb fun game to play with some friends.




- 1-4 Players


- Contains online


- Published by Sega



Fun Fact:


This game originally released in summer 2019, two whole years before the rest of the world!

Final Scores:


Story: 84%

Gameplay: 61%

Graphics: 80%

Sound Design: 83%

Longevity: 92%

Overall: 68%