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Super Thunder Blade


Written by VKNIGHT


Arriving on the Sega Genesis console in October of 1988, Super Thunder Blade is a quite interesting game. A third person 3d plane shooter, it found itself recieving a large ammount of negative attention from critics for being way to difficult and distracting. Let's take a look.


Story- In Super Thunder Blade you play as a badass army comando piloting a Helicopter in a never ending mission to blow things up. Oh and also take out a group of enemy Geurillas.


Gameplay - In this game you fly your souped up military helicopter through endless waves of enemy planes, tanks, and battleships all while dodging oncoming obsticles. While you'd think the waves of enemy fighters would be the biggest foe, you can make quick work of them with your onboard guns. The real problem is the obsticles. While the first level isn't too difficult with simple buildings dotting the side of the screen, it can get really infuriating in later levels having to dodge rapid overpasses, and cave stalagmites. The bosses are rather fun to fight too, such as the first level's massive tank. They provide a fair challnge without being overly difficult like other shooters on the Sega Genesis.


The game also takes place at two angles: Third person behind view, and top down shooter. In the first level, for example, after taking out the affirmentioned tank your Helicopter will cross over the sea and face off against a Battleship from the top down. I think it works well, and isn't too jarring a shift.


Graphics- The graphics are servicable for a Genasis, but with so many random bullets buildings and enemy ships on the screen, it makes it nearly impossible to tell what is happening. If I could actually see what was potentially happening, it wouldn't have been half bad.


Sound Design- The soundtrack is standard Sega Genesis synth affair, with some catchy beeps and boops. That is, except for the random explosions every second. During normal play you'll hear random explosions coming from every which way, drowning out whatever music could be jamming on. It isn't obnoxious per say, but it's enough to make you wish you could disable them.


Longevity - It has it's own high score leaderboards, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Once you play it, and beat it there isn't really much of a reason to return to this game.


The game has some pretty fun arial combat for what its worth, but it's just so hard to decypher that you won't really know what's happening half the time.

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... standard Sega Genesis synth affair, with some catchy beeps and boops. That is, except for the random explosions every second.




- 1 Player


- Contains Leaderboard system


- Published by Sega


Fun Fact:


Did you know this game had a Master System version? The aptly named "Thunder Blade".

Final Scores:

Story: 81%

Gamepay: 89%

Graphics: 72%

Sound Design: 79%

Longevity: 70%

Overall: 80%