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Thank you for visiting Area Sega! This is my home on the Internet. Through interesting articles, fun polls, forum discussions, and more it is easily one of the best Sega sites on the web. Sign our Guestbook and prepare to enter the Area Sega.                                                                              

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Flight combat at it's finest? Or does it crash on the runway? Find out!

Review: Crazy Taxi 2

Lets go make some crazy money in Area Sega's review of Crazy Taxi 2.

News: Chu Chu Spaceport Takes Off

The only Chu Chu Rocket site on the internet is now in orbit.

Review: Chu Chu Rocket

Its Cat and Mouse chaos in space!                                          

Review: Sega Swirl

A fun little puzzler on Dreamcast, with a few twists up its sleeve.

Site News: New VMU Icons Section Added

A new group of goodies to download onto your Dreamcast.

News: Official trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It finally arrived! Take your first look at the brand new cinematic sequel.

Review: Vectorman

A graphical beaut, but what about the rest of it?

Site News: New Forum Added

Brand new Bulletin Board for folks to post to.

News: Company of Heroes 3 Open Alpha

Check out the details on this free experience.





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Site News!

Happy New Year! Its officially 2022 across the globe. My new years resolution? More Area Sega! We've got new reviews and the such inbound. As well, you'll notice we've launched our first affiliate site! I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more of those. Stay safe, and take care! - VKNIGHT


Recent Reviews!

- Air Force Delta
Sega Swirl


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